Does anyone have the part number and/or any recommendations of where I can purchase the heater-hose inlet tube that is pressed into the 351 C block? I think it may also be a known as a “water tube.” Please see picture below.

I have been to the local Ford dealership, Autozone, O’reilly’s, NAPA, and no one has been able to come up with anything close. They look at me like I am crazy even though I have resorted to taking a picture of a 351 C showing the tube.

I have looked through the forum and see some posts about the tube and removing it but I don't see any posts with information on the part number needed to replace it.

Any help is much appreciated.


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All note: those sheet metal hose-bibs are cheap, consumable items- they rust and usually collapse if you try removing them. They do not screw in- they're a light press-fit and almost impossible to remove in useable condition.
Don't know the part number, but as of last year, Ford dealers had them on their shelves; they fit other engines besides the 351-C.
As an alternative, I made one for my 351-C from a piece of 3/8" stainless pipe that presses in as-stock, and others have drilled/tapped the block for std pipe-to-hose fittings. Neither can practically be done with the engine in a Pantera.

My heater-inlet tube is already removed from the block. My local Ford dealer could not come up with the part or even a part number. Also I have never drilled/tapped a cast block before? Is there a trick to it or would using the stainless pipe like you did be a better idea?

Should none of the good options above pan out, I have found that my local truck parts depot has a lot of Cleveland spares. I guess they were used longer in trucks than cars. Anyway, when I need something other than a blank stare from the Ford parts counter guy (my computer only goes back to 1883...), I go there.

Good luck.

Oh, and that is the cleanest front-side engine view I've ever seen. Nice!


I wish I could claim the motor as mine. It actually was a car that Quella was building when I went down to pick up my ZF that he rebuilt. Quella really does some amazing work and has some awesome cars in his shop.

Once again, thanks for all the help and all the information.
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