have been thinking lately of getting a pantera. always loved the car and i am just finishing up my latest project. i have done a few corvettes, 67 camaro, and the latest a nissan 350Z to get a change of pace and gain more experience in more complex vehicle systems. the Z is full built motor with twin turbos and a shot of nitrous. on full tilt it will toss down 800rwhp with nearly matching torque.
i am helplessly addicted to building cars and want the next to be a pantera. plans will be a custom fuel injected twin turbo set up. i have my own shop and am capable of doing the entire build myself from paint to motor and even interior.
building the Z i had to fabricate alot of the parts and then had them duplicated and offered them to other 350Z/g35 owners. hoping the same can happen in the pantera community as i go through the build.
i will be selling or trading the Z for a pantera, so if anyone is interested you can email me at scooter350z@yahoo.com i have a bunch of pics and it is the nicest one in the northwest and won 1st in class at the big portland roadster show a few weeks ago. looking for $42-45k or trade for a project pantera and cash maybe.
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well i'd be happy to.

a vette i did a couple years ago

another one

on every one of those i did all the modifications including paint and engines. just have a machine shop prep the pieces and i do all assembly.
the flamed vert. i still have, but the orange one sold a couple years ago.
almost forgot about the truck, nothing really special, but kinda cool for how little money is in it.

the wheels on the Z took awhile to locate and are one of 2 sets ever made by WORK wheels in a 20x9 and 20x11 size in japan. after i refinished them, they are a one off set of already super rare 3 piece wheels. wheels alone are over $5k. tires are 245/30/20 and 305/25/20 nitto neo gen.
engine is 3.5L with arias pistons, pauter rods, nismo cams, ported heads, o-ring style head gaskets, 1/2" head stud upgrade, greddy twin turbo kit, plenum spacer, completely redisgned twin fuel pump return fuel system (stock is returnless), all vacuum lines are done in copper tubing, custom 3" rad set up, head strengthening modification, handmade mandrel bent dual 3" exhaust with race style X-pipe and aeroturbine mufflers, solid motor mounts, exedy twin carbon fiber disk clutch w/ upgraded pressure plate spring, dual wideband gauges, water temp boost and fuel pressure gauges, haltech standalone ecu with traction control (via the haltech). prolly other stuff i am forgetting, but ya get the idea. the car was built with no expence spared and if you check on some of the prices of the things i mentioned, you will see i just rattled off over $25k in just parts, no labor.
hood is "first molding" with amuse sideskirts and greddy front lip and nismo wing. 3 layers of misted template style flames in silver pearl, house of colors cobalt cand blue mixed with the silver pearl, and harlequin blue to red. the base color of the car matches perfect the primary color in the harlequin, so the flames will completely disappear at certain angles and then reappear different colors. no pic can ever do it justice and the car gets a crowd where ever it goes (i'm sure you guys are used to that though, lol).
car was originally purchased in 03 by me and is #42 for the new body style. it is the touring model with factory navigation and all options but brembo brakes. chassis has 60,000 miles, but engine, paint, tires and most of what you see only has like 400 miles on them. interior and exterior is nearly flawless. i am currently installing a custom stereo in it that is over the top also. i could stop now and you would have a very nice stereo, or continue and you would have the eqivalent of about a $13k install and equipment that will blow the windows out!!
to build this car on your own would cost upwards of $80-90k. and yes, it is a ******* beast when you dig into it!!!

thanks for reading my incredibly long post, haha
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