I am hoping some of you more experienced than I can help spot a few things for me. I am dealing on a 4 bolt main that is advertised as standard and he is saying has quench heads. The block I know is a 73 he has not given me casting info on the heads. For some reason I don't think they look quite the right shape to me to be quenched. Can you guys help?


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Concur with JT on the heads, but those heads would not have been stock on a '73, would they?

I thought by '73 the Clevelands had all gone to open chamber heads.

Have you seen pictures of the 4 Bolt main caps? There's a lot of two-bolt blocks out there as well.

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the deal, I am just curious.....

Your right quench heads would not have been stock. Since the piston appears to have an S on it, it looks as if someone stuck early heads on a late block. He has sent me pictures with the pan off, and yes it has 4 bolt mains. He is selling it essentially as a long block with an intake minus carb and pan, someone had stuck a pan on it for a Bronco. I am hoping the cylinders look alright since my goal was to find a std block.
He said the motor was running poor when it was pulled due to valve guide wear.

Can anyone tell from the poor pics if those look to be stock Ford pistons?

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