Hello Fred; I'd recommend selling through eBay.

World Wide exposure & you maintain possession of the car until the funds are either in your bank or cash in your hand.

With the DeTomaso Pantera market as HOT as it is currently & possibly continuing further appreciation, if holding onto the Pantera is feasible & the funds from the sale not in immediate need, then my recommendation would be..."Hold on & enjoy the appreciation ride"!

First of all, I'm sorry you're thinking of selling. I hope it's a matter of changing interests and not health or hardship issues.

Second, what do you hope to gain by finding this "professional with a good reputation?" Someone to sell your car to? Someone who will consign it for you? Or someone to help recommend how and where to market the car and what to do in terms of detailing and repairs to make it more attractive to the market? If the latter, everyone on this board would be happy to help in that regard.

Third, please post a description of your car and some pictures here before handing it over to some "professional" dealer. I've personally known several club members who sold (rather GAVE) their cars TO a "professional" and missed out on a significant share of the car's value. Bear in mind that if you're selling to a re-seller, it will be at a price low enough that they can still make a suitable margin. So please don't go that route - please offer it to the enthusiast community looking for a car first. There are a lot of folks who'd like a Pantera who feel the market is passing them by. You'll likely net more money as well as allow a buyer to get-in at a better price.

If you want a professional to "consign" your car to I'd recommend PI Motorsports, one of this board's sponsors.

Anyway, I think your best bet is to give everyone in the market an equal shot at it.
Some interesting thoughts. Thanks.

I've got a couple of issues with a DIY approach:
1) Canadian Car
2) I travel a lot so I don't have lots of time to hold hands.

BUT, lets see how it goes. As Garth said, everybody should get a chance...
I bought this car as a mess. I enjoyed taking it apart and over several years putting it back together. In the Fall of 2014, Steve Paules did the final paint. Eighteen coats of paint. He did a beautiful job.
Last summer I drove it to three car shows, it won awards at two. This was very gratifying.
However, I find myself getting bored. I think I'd like to move on to another exotic, maybe a Mangusta...
It a 72 Pre-L, #2606. I've got lots of documentation on the upgrades, parts and work done. As soon as I figure out how to upload pictures I'll do that.
Thanks for the help with this journey.
Originally posted by frclarke:
I'm looking for help selling my 72 Pre-L.
A professional that has a good reputation that I can check on the board.

Come on, a pro with good reputation.

You will rather find a gay bastard that loves women. ;-)

Car dealer are all gypsies.

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