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I can't speak for Aus, but you would have a difficult time importing that car into Canada. Remanufactured title usually indicates the car was crashed, or otherwise declared a total loss and then repaired to make it pass an inspection. It's critical that you first see if you can import (and, more importantly, road register) a car with a "branded" title. Then you need to find out WHY the car was a write-off. Possibly a flood or crash. Neither is good.

Good luck!
I don't know if Australia has relaxed it's import bureaucracy since I lived there 15 years ago, but I would be very reluctant to chance shipping a car with a reconstructed title that distance to test the system!

As Mark says you want to find out the history behind it as well to a) ensure you know what you are buying and b) satisfy customs if you do go that route. There are some total write offs that have re-appeared for sale in apparent good condition without any history disclosure. Fortunately the community does a good job of getting major accident information to Chuck and he gets it into the registry ( for documentation.

If you can provide the last 4 digits of the VIN#, we may be of more help on the history side.

Where is the car located? You can often convince a local owner to do an inspection for you for the cost of gas and a 6 pack of their choice!

Hi as long as you have a Vin # and bill of sale , or a reciept showing sellers details, purchase price and signed by them, you can apply for import approval in australia by the usual means.
The title will allow export out of USA. I dont see any reason why you would run into any issues in Australia, we dont need titles here at all, the Title in USA just allows you to be the owner and do what you want with it from there.
If it was the red GT5 clone you did well to steer clear, even in the photos that car looks to have some serious panel fit issues around the rear decklid.

Keep an eye on any upcoming auctions;

Auctions America Ft. Lauderdale Mar 31- Apr 2 has 2 Pantera's on the docket, albeit one is a genuine late model GT5 and estimate $175-225K. The other is listed at $65-75K, but you never know, some buyers got lucky in January's auctions when a couple of nice Pantera's sold in the mid 50's.

Originally posted by Mat_G:
Have the seller get back a Clean and non (S)crap Title..
all around the world this is the legal paper.
No title = only crap/junk price.. easy....


The whole point of a 'reconstructed' title is to document the car was a total insurance loss i.e. salvage and has been reconstructed/rebuilt to be roadworthy again. You cannot simply get a 'clean' title, although in the past there were states that would not issue 'reconstructed' titles, which was a practice know as 'title washing', by registering the car in one of those states but I think those loopholes have been closed now.

I ended up buying a BHCC Pantera , the black car. It was a great deal, the title was ok for import and really the perfect car to convert to RHD and fit Grp4 flares and butcher up to my liking. I know the car will be a basket case but I love a restoration and her main duties will be vintage racing and so on. #3643
Lookimg forward to talking more Pantera's
Dave i Think your best bet for a RHD dash would be Joe at Pantera Australia, i remember talking with him some time ago , and i think he said he had 1 available from memory

Originally posted by AlbanyGT40:
I hope it is. The car is mostly complete and seems parts supply for Panteras is good.

HemiHunter I will need a fibreglass RHD dash board can you help me with that?

Hi we have a guy over here that has commissioned a mould for RHD fibreglass dash, he has just completed his RHD conversion, I have purchased one ready for my conversion in winter this year, I can also organise new fabricated steelwork taken from an original RHD 1973 Pantera, we are in the process of drawing up all pieces for fabricating. These are new battery tray, steering column mounting bracket/ box, dash mounting brackets etc.. these are at early stages and everything is geared to being done this winter but if you are desperate we could fabricate earlier. We are hoping to produce location drawings with the parts to help with the installation.

Albany, POCA published a letter from an Aussie owner in the mid-'80s on LHD to RHD conversions. One left the pedal box on the left with the wheel & pedals operated by extensions??? Another cut the pedal box off the body and transferred it to the right, but flipped the stock rack over for use on the right. Is it true that nowadays, all such conversions must be approved by a State appointed mechanical engineer? Based on the above descriptions, that sounds like an excellent idea with a 150-mph machine!

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