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High Port 351C for sale
For sale: 351 Cleveland complete engine.around 4000 miles since built

Block:2 bolt mains bored .030.deck squared,plate honed.

Rotating assy:stock crank .010 under rods and mains.TRW flat top forged pistons.Balanced.rods shot peened with ARP bolts.Clevite bearings.

Heads: 4bbl Closed chamber with "high ported:" exhaust ports(the last inch or so of the exhaust port is machined off and a aluminum plate is added to straighten and raise the port.
Intake port floor epoxied and pinned. REV one piece stainless steel valves.Crane roller rockers guide plates and studs.Combustion chamber pinned to prevent flex.

Camshaft:Racer Brown custom ..550 lift

Oil pan: 10 qt.with baffles

Intake: Austraillian "Active" single plane high rise.(looks like a Victor Jr.)

Valve covers:Polished Ford Motorsport with 351C emblem attached.

Engine is currently installed in a DeTomaso Pantera.Made 340 hp @ rear wheels with old stock 750dp carb through exhaust.
Will idle all day in traffic and still make good power.I'm only selling because I am having a Yates head/SVO engine built.
$2000 o.b.o.
Would rather not ship.I am in Maryland.
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Actually this is the engine that was replaced by the MME engine in my Pantera.
I'm just selling the heads now.They are cast iron closed chamber 4V heads with the exhaust port section machined off and a "port plate" (actually a block of aluminum) replacing it to straighten the port.They were used in NASCAR and NHRA racing before the aluminum "Yates" style heads were available.

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