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Hello all and thanks for the advice. I have a second hood made of fibreglass and decided to add the vents for "fun"  I don't know who I'll buy form in the end: well made aluminum verses "original" plastic.   Will see. Right now its pedal box time!  

And hello to Rene in France. You have done some great work on your car!  Right now I am waiting a bit before ordering from the states. Probably best if you pass your order without me but thanks for the combined shipping offer!

Thanks, Dan

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In the early '90's, I bought a new hood and grills directly from DeTomaso. The hood came with the vent openings. The grills were plastic and I could tell that they had been cut from a longer grill. Perhaps Maserati Merak. I thought the plastic grills were kinda' cheap, so I bought a set of IPSCO grills, which were beautiful. Problem was, the fit was looser in the openings than the factory grills. I may have bought the grills from Hall Pantera but I'm pretty sure they came from IPSCO. That was a long time ago, so my recollection of events isn't perfect! I guess I just assumed Wilkinson was selling the same grilles that I had bought from the factory, when they were still in business.

...Larry is Right! The Benefits have, or have not, actually been proven.

All I know is Hot Air comes out of them, and If You have 'A Windshield Cowling Intake 'Vent', as I cut in a 'Secret, Hidden Location' (and closable) for Ventilation...You'll feel some of the heat enter the Cabin.

The 'Hood Vents' were already On my car when I purchased it. They were the Original? Older, Large, with a Wide Border. They Looked Ugly, as a 'Hibotchy Grill'! I took those off, sold them and Replaced them with the Newer Design, You Now can see. Showing just a Row of Fins. Gorgeous!! NO More cutting was necessary...they fit right in, Correctly! I painted the 'Fins' Satin Black, and the Hood Flat Black. I Left the Screens OUT, they don't Look Good, in My Opinion.

As a Fact...I just finished replacing the Vent Mounting Studs with Stainless 'Button-Head' Allen Machine Screws. The Threads are 6-32. I installed them with a Tiny Stainless Washer (Load Spreader). NO Longer, are there un-sightly, Rusty Nuts, showing!

As Larry implied...THINK Long and Hard, before Cutting the Hood!!

...There's NO Going Back!!


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Why are you contemplating cutting holes in the hood when it’s been shown the cooling benefits are negligible at best?


I’d just be doing it for esthetics. My car is white and the black vents make a good contrast. Fiberglass hood with precut vents would be much easier for sure. If I purchase a precut hood from Wilkinson, will the IPSCO vents be too small?

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