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Bit of a long story, in the UK my Pantera had 874/THPNSG09070 in the "log book" or registration document.
How many / what digits are used in your USA registration or title documentation?
What should be the correct registration vin for my car?
It would be great to know if there is anything specific or different in a MA title.
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Off topic of your question a little but is 9070 a wide body GT5 or a late narrow body (maybe GTS)? It should be registered as a 1979 or 80 I would expect, which may or may not present some challenges with emissions & DOT requirements depending on your state.

Secondly is it captured in Peter Havlik's late model (post 9000) series registry?

Registered in 1978. Built by the factory for a customer in Sweden so it has headlamp washers fitted, GRP3 wheel flares, bigger brakes, baffled sump and "running boards" like the GT5. It also had a "snow plow" front spoiler and a rear wing which bolted in the middle of the rear hatch cover. It is in a couple of the DeTomaso books pictured in front of the UK importer also on the cover of Motor magazine.
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