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With 50 years of potential lock replacements due to breakage or collision, there are cars that have lost the factory-original three lock/same key operation.
Just a reminder, and maybe news to some of you, but I can re-key those door and trunk lock sets so they operate with one key.
Last time I checked this is a service none of our vendors are now offering.
I can also create a key for any locks that have lost their original keys. I also have new, replacement door lock cylinders.
The stamped steel pins of these locks are not common; about 10 years ago when my local gray-haired locksmith re-keyed a set for me, he said he could not have done it if I had not provided spares to cannibalize.
$15 a lock, $10 flat rate shipping.


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Making friends is more important than making money. 😉

besides, I’ve got three lonely, wealthy  widows I met down at the country club 19th hole.  They are constantly fighting over ways to spoil me.  

Between the three of them I actually have enough discretionary money for two sugar babies, but that is another story.



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