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I have a new radiator and fans, and the fans are pulling more electrical current than the previous setup.  My existing alternator is a rebuilt stock Motorcraft unit.  I am inclined to stay with the stock wiring and external voltage regulator.  I am seeking suggestions to get higher output from a different alternator or perhaps getting the one I have rewound.  

Thank you.


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I had my stock unit rewound…. Works well, and no concerns on mounting or wiring.  If you know a good shop, that’s something I would strongly consider.

Here's what I wrote about my alternator upgrade on my 5357 page.  I couldn't find the receipt with the test data...  it was from back in 2014 or so...

"With regard to the Voltage Regulator - I am still using my Ford 1G (3 Wire) alternator. I took it to one of the local shops (Luna Industries, Tucson, AZ 520.792.3080), and had it rebuilt. It tested at 78A output after the rebuild. The rebuild, which put better "guts" in the stock case cost $92. They replaced bearings, brushes, rotor, rectifier and field coils.

I saw no advantage (really) to converting to a 1 wire alternator, due to the inconvenience of figuring out how to rewire things. I can't remember now, but there was another issue with going to a single wire alternator - maybe it had something to do with the charge / discharge light?"

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