Well I thought I heard a slight noise of something fall when I was driving, almost like some gravel kicking up, and eventually I noticed some sight humming but thought it was my alternator. After pulling the bulkhead I have found that I am missing my entire idler pulley between my crank and A/C. Where can I get one of these? I was really hoping to use the car this weekend for a tour and a show so any help asap would be greatly appreciated.


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Originally posted by Otis:
Picture 2. I think I put on about 150 miles that day and I believe I lost it fairly early on. I am really surprised that all of it is just gone, but maybe that's the way they go. I've never experienced this before.

Otis, I got one from Napa Auto Parts a few Years back. Part# Duralast 231036

link (AutoZone)
Dear Otis,

Ron McCall is absolutely correct in his recommendation. I can't enough bad things about the stock idler pulley. After you've struggled with it once and, then, used the ipsco, you will find that you can't say enough good things about it. IIRC, there is one inexpensive mod that approaches the improved ease and function of the Ipsco, but the details escape me.

Chuck Engles
Thanks guys. I believe I will have to buy both. I don't think I can get the ipsco one in time for the weekend, but will change to it afterwards. Nothing like doing a job twice. I am half tempted to run without it for the weekend and try and tighten the belt by moving the compressor over a little. The belt surprisingly still looks like new.
Please do yourself a favor and buy one of these.

Not only is it a very nicely made replacement, it changes the job of adjusting the idler from a two person PITA into an incredibly easy ,one person job by eliminating the nut on the back which is very hard to reach .( especially in later cars with the heater hoses in the way)

Hi Ron, How does this thing work? Or how is it adjustable? Looking at the picture I can't determine how it mounts or adjusts differently from the stock idler pulley.

Garth, the IPSCO idler assembly replaces the difficult-to-access nut on the rear of the OE idler assembly with a block of steel. The block has the appropriately sized threaded hole in it and fits snugly between the flanges on the back side of the bracket. As a result, the block won't turn, so it doesn't need to be held with a wrench when attempting to tighten the assembly (while holding tension on the belt). In essence, it reduces the number of hands required to do the job from three to two. If you don't already have it, you need it!
Not to steal anyone's ideas, but I thought...... Hey - I can do that!

So I bought a piece of 1 1/4" x 1/2" x 12" steel bar, a 1/2"-13NC tap, and went to town.

The bar fits beautifully in the bracket. All I need to do to finish the project is to cut the piece off the bar with a chop saw.

Did I come in under the IPSCO price (for just the block and pulley mount)? NO

Did I spend 10-20 times as long as what it would take me to call IPSCO and buy one? YES

Did I get the cool pulley mount (pedestal) that comes with the IPSCO piece? NO (but that's OK, as I am using the stock pedestal).

Did I make it myself? YES

Will it give me all the functionality of the IPSCO piece, and allow me to retain the majority of my stock hardware? YES

Would I recommend you buy the IPSCO parts? YES



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