The other day a friend of mine asked me how hard would it be to import a Pantera from
the UK, he found one there and wanted to get it back to Australia.
So we made a few calls to Customs to find out what taxes and duties were involved.
The car we were looking at was worth 46,950 pounds or $87686 US.
Well to make a long short the final price to have one landed here was $108,000 US,
so that should give you some sort of guide to what a Pantera could fetch here.
After all if you really wanted one and couldn't find one here that would be your only option.
It ain't cheap but that's great for the people that all ready own one....
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There are a bunch of things that are relivant to the purchase price of any car.
I have to think that the most signifigant factors in the case of the Pantera are the quality of the purchaser, and the desireabilaty of the car.
In our world the only way to rate the quality of the customer is with how much money they have to spend. I certainly don't mean how good of a person one is spiritually.
As far as desireabilaty goes if new demand is going to come from the "masses", they need to know that the car exisits first.
That discussion about "what kind of car is it?" is relevant to the selling price of the car.
It would seem that everyone identifies with a "Shelby" now but I will point out that the bigblock "Chevelles" are out pricing them by a price margin of something like 2:1. That is the product identification.
I was getting my GT350 inspected at a "gas station". It was parked next to the air pump waiting to go into the inspection bay.
An older couple was about to drag the air hose over the hood to thier Honda.
When my head popped up and they froze in the act (they didn't know I was there) the woman said defensively, what kind of car is that?
I pointed out that it said SHELBY on it (it's a 68) and she said where is that made Ireland?
It's not just Panteras folks.
The Martians have landed. When I think about that though, they aren't the real problem.
It's the ones from Uranus that are.
Dennis I wish it wasn't so. I keep trying to figure out how I can get my car back to an Italian owner, like it belongs there. But by the time they pony up all that dough to get thecar over there they coulda had a ferrari.
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