Hello everyone
I just need your 2 cents
Today I've seen pantera #3929. I've been told it's a 1972 GTS.
This car has small popped plastic flares , is that normal ? This car should also have engine # 3139 according to the plate but the engine has #2727 stamped ?? Looks like it's not the original engine Isn't it ??
What do you think
Thanks for your help
Thierry (from switzerland)
Original Post
Is the motor number it "should have", from the plate on the footbox ? (that the brake booster is bolted to)
Does it match the motor number tag in the engine bay ?
Are you comparing it to the number stamped into the back of the block (left side) right below the head ?
Numbers stamped on the block here are not the typical location Ford used. So the block you have may have been swapped by DeTomaso themselves, or someone found a block from another DeTomaso.
Yes the "should have" engine # is the one stamped on the footbox plate , and Yes it matches with the one that's on the tag in the engine bay.
Yes the engine # I was looking was on the left head (looking from the rear license plate)
I always thought that all those numbers should match
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