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I don't know.

my original dash had been cut-up for gauges and switches.   I took it to body shop and they used "Plastic Bumper" (again don't know which type) and It was difficult to find areas after their work.    so it is a "black" plastic of some sort.

the body guy even suggested just priming and painting

FYI, my original dash then disappearded alone with local upholsterer.  So GunnerZ has a dash I got of ebay that will need recovering

it was a couple years or so back so memory

I took my original to a local body shop (actually neighbor), stripped off vynal and he used a bunper repair materail.

when finished with repairs, he suggested spending a few more hours and he thought it would look good painted.

so maybe that helps a little about your concerns.

rest of the story, the local upholtery guy VANISHED with mine!

so after searching for all those $100 ones supposed cluttering garages, even tried Halls (they had them, just too much trouble to pull down from top shelf), I got a $1000 + one of ebay that GunnerZ is suppose to modify and recover.   I want to move wiper switches to center

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