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My new project car came with this bumper even though it is an early 72. Someone must have felt left behind back in the day and used threaded rod to bolt this bumper directly to the car body, making their Pre L look like an L car. My project is going back to Pre L bumpers and I need to dispose of this bumper. But can someone use it? It is very straight with no warping, but it looks like maybe some studs are snapped off? If this is the case, can it be fixed?


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I think someone with some ingenuity could use it, especially if they had nothing. Use big toggle bolts or something of that ilk to get behind it and then goop up the holes to seal the toggle bolts (obviously you should use something better than toggle bolts, but you get my drift)

L bumpers attach to the car through big tubes from the shocks in the front of the car. But a straight L bumper would be something nice for someone to have.


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