Jeff (or anyone?),
Can you give this computer dummy (Me!) a little direction on how to post a picture(s) on this site?? Like to post several of my glovebox/cupholder I built for my P-Car that works like a champ on my longer trips I make to car shows. Wifey knows how to send e-mail pixs, etc. so I think she can handle it if I can just get a little direction on how to get started, Will accept & appreciate any help you guys can give me! Please feel free to e-mail me so we don't clog up the BB. Thanks everyone!

Bob Radefeld #5042

PS: Jeff, great cupholder solution!

when you reply to a posting, click on the underlined link, located just below the box where you type your reply, that says "add attachments". This will open up a window that allows you to browse your computer & attach the file. The picture needs to be in a photo format such as JPEG, otherwise it will be attached to your post as an attachment, rather than opening up as a picture.

Originally posted by 1973UFO:
Thanks for the hint! We'll give it a try in a day or two after I take some pixs.


Bob, did you get the pics, I'm curious what your approach was.

And thanks, george for the pics, simple and straightforward!

Didn't have time last weekend to snap any shots but hopefully can get some posted this week or during the long holiday this weekend. Stay Tuned!

Bob #5042
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