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Nice to see they finally got around to recognizing our 50th anniversary. 😉

A couple of weeks ago I spoke with a Concorso staff member to confirm they were going to have a DeTomaso corral and also to remind them it was our 50th anniversary.

PCNC will once again be returning to our long time hosts at the los Laureles Lodge in Carmel Valley. Our presence at the lodge includes use of a hospitality suite, that is always open to all in the evenings and during some daytime hours.

We will again be having our outdoor Friday night dinner at the lodge, surrounded by about 10 Panteras on display. The dinner is open to any and all who wish to attend. Details will be announced soon but pricing typically runs about $60 per person.

Am I the only one wondering what might happen to our Concorso corral should George, MIA from posting on this forum for almost an entire year, fails to coordinate with Concorso??


PCNC has been booking rooms at the lodge for Monterey car week for decades. We and one of the auction houses fill the entire facility. We used to have claim to all of the rooms until some years ago when attendance started to fall, but the owners always keep the same 17 rooms available for us as long as we can fill them  

The rooms are grandfathered to chapter members and most are repeatedly reserved. We have a waiting list of PCNC members used to fill rooms when a chapter member is unable to attend for that year.

if you are looking for rooms in Monterey be prepared to pay double or triple what one will pay a month before or after Monterey car week. Please remember most reservations can be canceled with 48 hours notice so there is no harm in making a just-in-case reservation, and I urge you to do that as soon as possible.

years ago staying in Salinas was a more economical option but it seems most motels in Salinas have now figured out they can also bump their daily rates during this high demand week.

attending Monterey car week is, to my way of thinking, much like going to Disneyland. It is best to plan ahead and if you have to keep yourself to a tight budget you probably shouldn’t attend. Be prepared for traffic jams, long waits at restaurants, and bring cash.

I do not advise trying to make car week a family vacation for family members that might be interested in sightseeing or attending the aquarium. The crowds are too large for a relaxed, sightseeing visit.

if you do plan to attend please know there are many free events that don’t require tickets costing hundreds of dollars. Do a Google search for Monterey car week and you will find multiple sources that list the multitude of events you can choose from.

if being surrounded by amazing cars and car people for a week is your cup of tea, you will likely never find a better event. 🙂🙂

Weather is generally cool but even on overcast days, you can get a serious sunburn. You may need a jacket leaving your room in the morning, but be sweating in a T-shirt mid afternoon. And don’t forget to bring a hat


I have gone the AirBnB route a couple of years and it worked out pretty well, not a lot cheaper but in both cases significantly better than a hotel experience. A couple weeks ago I booked a room at the Asilomar State Grounds in Pacific Grove again, very basic but all I need is a bed and a shower and they have a coffee shop for breakfast.

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