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I have a bone stock GT5S and it even has the cats on it still.  Would you guys prefer to leave totally stock or would some opt to take out the cats for improved rumble?  I do not have to smog test in Mo. but I do know some states do.  If the car got sold down the road, would it be better to sell as 100% as off the line or send the cats in a box with the car?  I do like knowing I may have the only 100% original car in the Country but at the end of the day, does it really matter is the question.

Thanks Mike (9421)


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Point taken.  In not knowing much about a GT5s until now, I am no expert.  Some people that have seen the car mention it is "all original" but I would not know the difference.  I do know the guy before me owned it since 1992 and did not drive it at all.  He bought it and just added it to his collect ion.  Time will tell but looking around the car, there are no performance modifications and the air box is a real PAIN.  Had to remove that to rebuild the carb.  Sharkey at Pantera of Miami said it was unmolested as for what he has seen in pictures so far.  Either way, it is a  blast.


I would also keep it stock. When my Pantera was listed, the seller said it was all original because he thought it was. I felt bad because he got a ton of emails about everything that wasn't stock on it because he honestly didn't know.

It had under 50k miles but so much had been changed on it. I bought it because it was a super nice car and a solid foundation that I don't feel bad about modifying to make it better.

Your car is a different animal and you should be psyched to own it.  Good luck with you Pantera, it sounds like an amazing car!

Hi Mike, Sharkey. We recently removed a set of ~fried~ cats off a 5-Steel. It was a firebomb waiting to happen. Clearly, the right bank can (muffler/cat) would glow red and achieve temperatures that would melt the paint and burn the car down simultaneously. At some point in it's life leaded fuel was added.  Doesn't take very much. When warmed up, at idle it was breathing actual flames out the right bank pipes, I posted a vid on facebook. Using one of your available lifts at your Mike Anderson Auto Group Dealership, raise the vehicle & check to see all original conversion bits from Amerisport are still in place & functional. Call me tomorrow if you don't know what to look for I'll guide you through. You'll have to do some welding on the headers where fresh air was initially introduced, just block 'em off.

Now in answer your question, the 5-Steel we did recently we cut the glowing hot cans off & welded on a set of Pantera Performance mufflers. We use a lot of 'em, they sound great and are not expensive. See their facebook page. Put the originals in a box for safe keeping. You have a beautiful car by the way, soon to be the nicest out there. I know.

Sharkey, will be back in town on Saturday.  Will go look under that car.  I have noticed some holes welded shut on the sides of the mufflers,  I will get pictures and get them too you.  Hope all is well in Miami, it was 10 degrees this morning in Kansas City.  I may need to come visit you soon................LOL



Congrats on owning my favorite iteration of Pantera (in spite of the burlwood).

Personally I am a little sick of the smell that comes with catless, but the sound makes up for it. Possibly you could weld in a straight pipe, but then reinstall the heatshields. I may or may not have done that a long time ago in order to pass an inspection. Allegedly.

The registry doesn't post who registered the car. I don't know if you're already a member but to be given access you have to register a De Tomaso. Any De Tomaso. You can even register just a VIN e.g. post a copy of a for sale ad, not even a recent one necessarily. However, the registration process of late has been very slow. The registry is voluntarily maintained and funded so just having it is very much appreciated. Since the pictures appear to be recent I doubt you'll see anything new. It does have the Amerisport # however.

Mike, your car fits in BOTH Registries! Yes- there are two. The difficult-to-access one run by Chuck Melton in Sunnyvale, CA , and the easy-as-pie Registry for 9000-series cars (1980-up), of which your #9421 fits with all the other GT-5 and GT5-S cars. That registry is run by Peter H out of British Columbia, Canada. Congratulations on a nice looking machine.

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