From what I see. My choices are for a coilover replacment are either KONI (if some are left at a Pantera vendor), or, a CARERRA setup.

What are the pros-or-cons to either of these. (as the prices are close).

I want height adjustable as a primary, and shock adjustable as an secondary need.

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I have carerra's on my Longchamp (same front suspension as later Pantera's) and they didn't last very long. One broke while I was drive and fortunately didn't damage the car. I installed a set of PI Motorsports aluminum shocks that have adjustable height and damping, so far they have worked great. Years ago I put a set of Halls adjustable aluminum shocks on my Pantera and they have worked great. Other vendors sell similar shocks. I recommend you stay away from the Carerra's and Koni's.

Scott. Two quesions. (one will be much easier than the other). First, do you remember the spring rates on your Pantera's for front and rear......... Secondly, would you say your handling is ????? I mean how would you rate it now. I've also seen another company out there, Aldan, which I could also be making them for the vendors. I dont recall If they have actually said who makes them up for them now.

Im hoping to eliminate quite a bit of side roll once on, under hard cornering, or something similar to what an AutoX might put on the car. (granted there are other components that need to be replaced also)

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