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The earliest Panteras came with Ariston shocks, and then later with Telecar.  In both cases the fronts were painted black and rears are blue.  All four springs were painted black in both cases.  They all had rubber bushings with a steel sleeve inside a housing that was part of the shock.  Neither the Ariston or Telecar can be rebuilt.  And neither were ride height adjustable.  Yours have a hiem joint setup for bushings, they are ride height adjustable, and are painted yellow.  They might be Koni and if so can probably be rebuilt if desired.  In any case they are likely aftermarket and it might be better to simply to replace them with a modern shock like the QA1 from one our vendors that are already setup for Pantera with correct heim joint bushings and appropriate spring rates.

If they have not leaked out then you might be able to clean them up and use them as is.  The leak out would be evident by dirty oil accumulated around the top of the shock.

Garth, I think you have identified the coil overs. With this set up the ride is quite firm and the car has been "Weight Jacked " for a 200-plus lb. driver .

I love the stance with the 17" wheels and welded flairs don't really allow for much suspension travel and the set up leans more towards track balance and not on street comfort.( Which is fine with me and not at all a complaint)

Now that you mention it they could use a good cleaning which I will perform while the Pantera is lifted..Question..What is a good cleaner to use that will not harm the seals as I believe these are vintage parts.

Thanks again


If you want a more compliant ride you can replace the springs with a softer rate.  I have the 450# front / 550# rear springs and I'm extremely happy with them. They provide a firm but comfortable ride similar to stock springs, but without the bounce and lunging up or down on acceleration and braking.

Thanks for the inspiration to clean the Suspension .

Under some dirt and grease was the answer I was looking for.

The shocks are stamped Koni Holland 30 1301

and I guess this setup was sold by Pantera Performance.

I did print the page on Suspension from Pantera Place..such a great Site

It does look a bit more tidy..the calipers are next and I wish there was an easy way to Paint them

I would hate to have to disassemble the the Suspension in order to get the Spring Rates.

What Brand are the 450s and 550s?



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If you really wanted to avoid pulling the shock assy., you might be able to unload the suspension, loosen the height adjuster until you can unseat the spring, then get your smartphone above it and start taking photos. You might even get lucky and find the end of the spring with the rating stamped in it, is on the bottom. 

Also, FYI, those are steel bodied, gas charged Koni's. You can also get them in aluminum. The compression is not adjustable but the rebound is.

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