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Does anyone know of a manufacturer who makes a dual tailpipe with resonators? i have a 1974 Pantera GTS race car and would like to quieten the exhaust without reducing hp significantly.

I would like to buy a pair of twin upswept exhaust tailpipes with 3" inlet and 3" outlet pipes. The outlet pipes should have resonators inside.
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Check with Pantera Performance in Colorado. They probably still sell the Supertrapp inserts that will quiet your exhaust down. It is tunable for noise as well as back pressure. You can also check with farming equipment supply companies who sell them as spark arrestors as well as VW Bug performance parts suppliers.

Mind train exhaust used to sell a crossover resonator kit that tied the left and right exhaust pipes before the mufflers, in effect making it an H-pipe which will definitely quite your exhaust. It does require welding flanges(if you want them removable) or welding the resonator pipe (on permanent installations).

If you don't have or need a trunk tub, I would put a 180 degree exhaust system. They are (to me) pretty tame until you get on the gas and the look says 'race car!'.

Good luck on your project
Originally posted by Shadetree:
If you have a relatively long, straight section of pipe exiting the car the inserts work great. I use them on the 4 inch side pipes on my Cobra. Out for racing, in for street. So far haven't been stopped on the street.

That's what they are intended for. I haven't tried them yet but are on the list. I've got 3" ID stainless "glass pack" mufflers, 21" long to the tip.

Functionally very similar to the Cobra sidepipes...only running out the back and not under your ears.

Those should be perfect for my application...or as close to it as you can get.

The 3" core mufflers are almost as loud as 3" straight pipes.

I initially opted for the Supertraps and have 2" of inserts in each muffler. I can honestly say don't waste your money. In my opinion, they do absolutely nothing for this setup. They are just a waste of money.
Not sure if this is similar to what you are looking for. Stainless Works made my resonator tips to my specifications concerning the overall length and angle of the tip. Their workman ship is first class and well worth the price.

Most resonator bodies are 3.5" o.d. with a 2.25" i.d. core. These are 3" o.d. and 2.5" core.

Richard O.


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Here is another option from a company called Car Chemistry. They are a small company I think in Texas. I used their inserts at the header flange and it reduced the obnoxious bark of my exhaust. They have several options that might work for you. The inserts I used are suppose to work best if kept close to the header, but they have several options. The link below is what I used.
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