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Mr. Drew recently shared that Larry Stock sells carpet that is very close to the original charcoal gray, which was a very nice and complementary color as installed in 2511. Sadly, the last carpets that I purchased from a vendor was of a quality that I found less than appropriate.
If my chosen upholstery shop wasn’t backed up for six months I would have a custom set made, but for now I’m thinking a vendor offering is my best choice.
If anyone has recently purchased Larry’s carpet kit can you please contact me off-line to share your experience and evaluation.
Feedback on carpet kits from other vendors is of course also welcomed
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I recently purchased carpets from HP and I could not recommend to anyone. The carpets were not overlocked around the edges just sewn with edge braiding, which in spots pulled loose easily . The quality of the carpet material itself was not up to automotive standards IMHO.  And the fit was of questionable accuracy  where I had to trim almost every piece anyway to get them to fit what is a standard car  . And they are not cheap.

I still may  have to get  them all  remade locally as I am still battling to fit the final  pieces and I want it all to match.

I would not buy these again.


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