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Sorry if this is the dumbest question so far this millenium, however, I took off the intake manifold to replace it with a different one, and when I looked at where the pushrods come out of the block, I could see that it looked like a couple of the lifters were popping up. Have a look at the picture below. You can see one has popped up in comparison to the other. I have had the Pantera 10 years, and it is the first time I have had the manifold off. It is a 351C.

Is this the way it is supposed to look?

If it is not the way it is supposed to look, does it mean a complete rebuild is needed?

Thanks, Tim.



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Hi Forest, 

Many thanks. I thought that the lifter movement was further down into the block and that it wouldn't be observed and that maybe it was a sleeve holding that lifters that I was seeing. I haven't tried to turn it over to see if they move up and down. So thanks very much for putting me right! Greatly appreciated!


Cheers, Tim.

normal with room for improvement. not all lifter bores are chamfered equally, some blocks got a harder lean on the cutter than others and the chamfer is much deeper on some blocks. lifter bore bushings can be ordered taller than the stock lifter bore length and intentionally installed with the extra length standing up above the top of the stock lifter bore. this will guarantee that the lifter oil band does not get exposed at max lift and oil pressure & volume lost out the top of the lifter bore. roller lifter builds benefit from tall bushings, they're actually almost necessary due to the extra height of roller lifters. Bill Wydendorf offers tall bushings 1.75" vs 1.5"



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