Thanks marlinjack,i live down under in NZ,so most good stuff has been used
up or is locked away,so i have to look further afield,i did see a set on a
trade site in the us,but they were already sold,i have found a block
locally that is standard bore,4bolt d2ae,but alas no caps.ill keep looking
,and as you say someone will have blown up a 4bolt so the may have the
caps i need.I have a very good two bolt block thats been sonic checked
.....but a four bolt is the gravy.

 I am far from an experienced engine builder but over the years I have picked up that most of the engines we build for our Panteras fail to reach a point that actually requires four bolt main caps for engine longevity. 

 Can you share what your plans are and why you think they need four  bolt caps? 


Hi larry.i have found a 4bolt block without main caps.i intend using it as
the basis for my next motor.
I have a 1972 ford fairmont hardtop that im restoring .it will run this
block but with 70 boss 302 heads trying to replicate the 300hp imported 4v
351 c australian QC motors.used in gt falcons.

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