Does anyone know why they substituted another vehicle for the Si? I have a guy that wants one of those. Please send PM if you know of any.

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What? I was in Monterey and watched the Si cross the block, hammered at $215K. There are only currently 2 in the US the same owner had both, he just sold one at RM Monterey.  Patrick Hals has the black Stephane Poux Si up for sale, Speed8Classics in Belgium has a yellow one.

Maybe the days of $20K Panteras, and $52K GT5's and GT-5S's will be returning!

(I sort of doubt it!)


That's one example, not why sales are generally off 35%, markets ebb and flow and the volatility in the market with trade wars etc. is also likely creating some uncertainty.  It also had to happen eventually it's the same people buying and selling the high end cars, there's an auction at least every month and like the casinos the only real winners are the house with 20% off every vehicle. 

I also went to Mecum, the lawn there was half of what it was a year ago, I stayed a couple hours and left.


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