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Last Sunday, I took my Pantera out to the Malibu Autobahn show and drive for the second time.  (First was in December).  It's a great Sunday morning activity starting with the meet (car show and staging area) followed by a 90 minute drive through the beautiful back roads of Agoura, Westlake Village, Thousand Oaks, and Camarillo out to Pacific Coast Highway and back to Zuma Beach for a follow up car show.  This past Sunday, over 300 cars showed up with mostly exotics including many Lambos, Ferraris, dozens of McLarens, Porsches, 'Vettes, BMWs, and many Aston Martins (Galpin Aston was the sponsor of the event).  The events are free, the drives are spirited, and it's quite a scene to see 300 exotics driving in procession.  Unfortunately, I've been the lone Pantera on each of the two occasions.  If you're in So Cal, it's a terrific way to spend a Sunday morning.  I went with several friends who brought a Porsche Turbo, a Nissan GTR, and an Audi S5 along for the ride.  Very enjoyable after which we had lunch just up the road at Paradise Cove Cafe.    Great day!Malibu autobahn December, 2019Malibu Autobahn Zuma2


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  • Malibu autobahn December, 2019
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Went on a Father's Day run with Malibu Autobahn again today.  Met just outside of Dodger Stadium near downtown L.A. and then out to Malibu via 101 to Topanga Canyon out to Malibu Country Mart Shopping Center.  It was limited to 100 cars, and was mostly Lambos, McLarens, Porsches, one Ferrari and one Pantera (mine).  Not as enjoyable as their usual Santa Monica Mountain runs but nice to get out nonetheless.  Here's a couple of photos from the staging area before the run.


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