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A quick check with my Aunt, and it seems that she does not remember anyone ordering a Mongusta with 6 headlights. Nor has she or Santiago been approached to verify it.
It is interesting that I get challenged about my car all the time, and some people are upset enough to check with my aunt, but here is an auction house selling it and not checking first. All that said, I hope it brings top dollar.

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Happy 2015 to you too!

Thanks William, for confirming what I was already fairly certain to be the case — that this car is being VERY misrepresented. I do chuckle at the "estimate" of value being $2 Million. Should that be the case, please note my Mangusta will be available at a similar "value". Big Grin

Optimism is mostly free.......!!!! Smiler

Backing up that optimism would be novel....!

So someone installed some fog or "driving" lamps.....not worth 1.7M!!! Must be solid gold...

There is some serious ugly going on in that interior! The 70's called, they want their shag carpet back!!!

I cannot understand why anyone would unrestore a perfectly good clock....

The dash lamps above the switches are not something I would do..... Why duplicate factory efforts that was provided for in the Speedo assy???

The console color combo seems to be something related to the carpeting....but the junk tray is notably missing.....

What little we see of the engine implies that the chrome people stopped at the air cleaner lid.... Phew!!! What we can see looks relatively unmolested.

Really? No new tires????? Ride? No thanks....

Anyone get the serial number? Us blue cars need to stick together..... Smiler

I guess the moral of this story is that if you are going to put your car up for auction, anything that you cannot explain, "must have come from the factory like this....and it is the only one known of it's kind..... truly a rare bird...."

Hello Wellis; There are many reasons why Auction houses purposely CHOOSE to NOT do their due diligence in regards to authenticating various automobiles, as singularly & primarily it eliminates them from "liability" from litigation/s.

Quite a few cars have become substantially more valuable AFTER purchase from auction/s, due to the simple fact the new owners took the time & money to authenticate their purchase.

I recently purchased a 1973 Mustang Mach 1 for a current market value price, I KNEW upon initial inspection it was HIGHLY Optioned.

After purchase I paid for an elite Marti Report...

My 1973 Mustang Mach 1 came back with documentation as a "1" of "1" of the 35,439 1973 Mustang Mach 1s produced in 1973.

The documentation proving my 1973 Mach 1 was a "1" of "1" car...DOUBLED my purchase price!!!...Mark
Color is a funny thing. I recall when working in the factory, there was someone who showed up and wanted a off color. My Aunt said at lunch (where all the shop talk took place) that they wanted a shade of pink. My aunt said that she was not going to take their order, "it is my name on the back of the car and I would not like to see that color." When I mentioned that Maserati had a brown color that I thought looked like dog poop, I was told that was what you did over at Maserati-let people pick bad colors...
I asked later about the Mary Kay car, and I was told that was during the "ford years" when Ford would do anything to sell cars.
So all that is to say that I am sure there was no blue shag during my fathers time, and my uncle hated shag (on your head or the floor).
VIN 8MA824,

FWIW, there are a few (2-3 cars) with suede or alcantra inserts. From my study of pics there seems to be very few early /mid dash cars with a coin tray. The copper trimmed speedo is mostly on the earlier cars. The tailpipes are angled-up too much. I have never seen this bezel on other Becker radio, but the Becker / antennae combo has been seen before. Also have never seen the 2 color front signal lenses.

Interesting note the auction house lists the motor as 302/0059 so car definitely does not have a 289 Smiler

here is a reference pic on engine number


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Bob, I would not worry too much. There are no records that I have found where finishes are noted (only exterior color) the leather inserts and clean rings make the car more appealing. A prospective buyer will have less of a probability to downplay leather inserts. Tray can be re installed later.

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