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In what world are we living ?
I have been crying for 20 years for the Tomaso factory to answer me and help me understand the history of my car.
And now that the archives are accessible, are there people to criticize Vito and Olczyk?
So the archives would be better in the trash or in a closet at the end of Italy inaccessible to anyone?
Is this the true face of Tomaso's community? What are we, embittered and jealous?
If I fly to Modena, it costs me money, if I go to the hotel, it costs me money, and now that we have found the source, they would have to work for free?
If this is the DNA of the owners of Tomaso, I am ashamed !
Shame on us

Yes, I bought the original documentation, and it's been 20 years since I was looking for the original color, and I have good karma, because I now have proof that my car also has all its good numbers, engine, gearbox.
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Nobody, not one person, has written that Phillippe should work for free. Search the forums, you will not find one suggestion that he should work for free. So you are complaining and being dramatic about something that never happened.

Whereas you found the archive inaccessible in the past, at least there was an archive. The archive shall be nonexistent in the future. Phillippe is not selling copies of original documents, he is selling the original documents. Piece by piece the archive is becoming smaller with each passing day, and soon there shall be no archive.

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I have a feeling this is a Sponsored thread. I did get my info from the factory, including other correspondence and list of European owners. If original color is the only concern there are ways to find the original color. What the 'registry' needs to show is statistical information ala Marty. date ordered, by whom, date built, road tested (date, issues noted), one of ….
although DeT cars are mostly similar they still have some unique features.
That is the difference between the report Lois Hemminger used to pull and a Marti report(includes statistical analysis)

I also think many have said the reports offered here are on the expensive side compared to that those offered for other manufacturers.
Pontiac Corvette under $100
Marti Report elite $275
Ferrari Mancini report avg $950

Also, the avatar picture is that of a US car and the poster says he had been looking for original color for 20 years. In the case of the avatar car, does it have the original motor? transmission? carburator? brakes?
Sponsored thread?
How’s the paranoia going fella?
I will tell you something about this forum,although I have posted very few times over the four odd years i’ve had my Pantera,if you have any problems or need any parts there is always someone ready to chime in with info’or offers of help.
Now ,you read my post about how I could get build sheets and what
did I get from you ?NOTHING bar an accusation of getting paid to provide a prompt for someone’s business / hobby.

So can any one nice supply me with the info please?

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