not sure if I ever formally started a thread about this, but I am still looking to acquire a set of original 'Campy' Mangusta wheels...preferably sound 'early' lightweight magnesium...I have one rear wheel right now and really only need three spare for this goose..I am prepared to buy 4 or 5 if sets are available, please PM me! thanks Smiler

Mike S.
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Check with Dave Adler at P.I. Motorsports. He has a set of reconditioned wheels a while back, not sure if he still has them.
turns out the set at PIM is sold and gone...still on the lookout. If anyone knows of a set available, please let me know, thanks.

Mike S.
You can check with Tara at Hall Pantera. I know that they have some Mangusta parts stored away, not sure if they have any rims though.
thanks again, Dennis, they don't have any either....just wanted to keep the inquiry HOT! Smiler
OK, one last attempt, try Dana Hansen at Mangusta International ( He may know someone.

Do you know Steve Brenneman in Carson City?, He has a Goose, Pantera & Lingenfelter Vette, although I've never seen the Goose. Thing is his Goose has Etoile wheels like yours, so I wondered if it was his car you purchased?
I ask because apparently he bought a set of goose wheels some time ago somewhere in SoCal and has never gotten around to picking them up, so who knows maybe he could be pursuaded to part with them.

Another contact would be local POCA chapter president Jim Nowlin as he is brokering the sale of a complete Goose (minus a couple odd parts) which is up in Incline Village. It was torn down by a Dentist some 10 years ago, the chassis completely strengthened etc. and then left in storage. The Denstist has now retired to Mexico. Maybe you could pursuade him to separate out the wheels or work out an excahnge for your Etoile wheels.

Good luck,
Julian, I have spoken with Steve and plan to meet him down the road. I hadn't thought about his goose's wheels. I did see the car Jim Nowlin is selling and there are 5 goose wheels WITH tires that may be too old to drive on, but would be perfect for show...they look to be 20-30 years old and still have decent tread. Needless to say, Jim knows I am drooling over that set, but he doesn't want to 'break up' the car and it's parts.

I did check with Mangusta International and they DO NOT have anything either...

the search is still on and I appreciate all the great suggestions...
bump Smiler I have ONE rear wheel so far! Thanks for all the hot tips!, but need fresh ones!!

I also have a question for the experts here, is this the 'correct' Mangusta tool kit? Can anyone identify what tool is missing? Comments, suggestions? I am missing a tool kit with my car. Thanks in advance
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