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I’ve added a “Marti Report” flag to the Registry database.
Now I need some cars to test the new search & display functionality.
If you have a Marti Report for your Ford-era Pantera, let me know.

(The Registry Guy)

PS If you don’t know what the Marti Report is contact me, but the summary is:
Marti bought the license to produce copies of data from the Ford database
regarding build and initial sale data.
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The Marti report shown looks like the info anyone can get from Santiago DeTomaso, by phoning the factory or maybe Wilkinson in CA. The Factory has all the build info on ALL the cars ever built- Euro and others as well as Mangustas, Longchamps etc. The charge may be a little more than a Marti report, but DeTomaso includes little things like whether a radio was included (Euro cars) and what brand, plus the build sheet sent with the car to the dealers.

Sent you a large file Marti Report. As I was obtaining the Marti I contacted Steve Wilkinson and asked what Santiago would have availible for my car. He promised to call and inquire and I even offered $$$ for the effort. He did not take any $$$ and was not able to obtain any info. I even checked with him 1 month later and he still had no time to call/response from Santiago/or whatever.

They both have bigger fish to fry...

Dave # 3463
Not to take the wind out of your sail .. but here is the MARTI on my Boss 302 and its much more detailed...last time I psoke to MARTI on the Pantera report he commented that Panteras didnt come with many different options ... so most reports would be basically the same except for a few minor differences like year, model ... see how detailed the Boss 302 is.



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Originally posted by Chuck Melton:
He might contact Santiago as a personal favor, but I don't think he or Santiago are ready for hundreds of such request

Up until not too long ago Claudia Lodi who worked at the factory used to be the one to go to for build information. I'm not sure if she is still around or has access to the records. Maybe Roland or someone in Europe would know.

That brings up another good question wrt the reputed sale of De Tomaso, do all the historical records go to the new onwner?

Originally posted by Bosswrench:
The Factory has all the build info on ALL the cars ever built- Euro and others as well as Mangustas, Longchamps etc.

Simply NOT true from what has consistently been reported previously, they never kept any of the Ford era US records, so Marti is the only way to go for US cars.

Hey "Bronco" (Sorry I forget your real name),

To submit anything, Marti reports, video clips, photos
or text, people should send to

This is the account for the fastest (usually automatic) processing.

Details from ebay were sent it in to the Registry by one of the many participants, but yes things update quickly!

Also, if you would like a free ad at (The world's largest collection of DeTomaso ads), contact me.

I look forward to adding your Marti report (and learning one more pices of the production puzzle!)

WOOT Back at ya!

The DeTomaso Registry guy
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