Here is our new 17,000 mile Pantera, and its 2 garagemates. It is all back together now and running fine. I added a picture of the refurbished engine compartment and a new toy car, a 2000 BMW M roadster, which is a limited production, high performance version of the Z3. I added photos of the 2002 Corvette Z06 we in bought in 2009. In March 2012 I bought the 1992 Corvette. I bought the 1991 in April, 2014.


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Originally posted by oldcars:
Here is our new 17,000 mile Pantera, and its 2 garagemates.

Dang. I thought you wanted to buy one to restore?? You don't have much to do on this one. Two days and your work will be done. Not much of a challange with it in such good shape allready. Your next one will have to be a total basket case to make up for it. :P
Although it is only 17,000 miles, which is nice, that is also the problem. The gas tank has rust in it, and needs to be pulled and repaired. So out comes the engine and ZF. While they are out it is time to clean and paint and shine, along with replace all the belts and hoses. Since the A/C has not been used for at least 10 years, there will be more fun getting it going. If you look at the engine compartment photo you will see the clutch cylinder is all rusty and is leaking fluid. It will be replaced, too. Then it can all be put back together and I can find out if it runs like a 17000 mile car should. And finally, the car was repainted before the dealership sold it new. Typically, they did not do a very good job. Later, after some other things settle down, the car needs to be stripped to the metal and repainted, which I will do. You assumed it looked good from the pictures and the mileage. Both can lie.
Then the 1931 Cadillac needs to be finished, the Packard radiator needs to be rodded out, which requires removal of the front fenders, and when all of the above is done I have a 1914 Ford Model T speedster waiting to be done.
Compared to some pictures I have seen of other Panteras, all that stuff you mentioned, is one in premo shape. Big Grin
The Pantera looks great! Anytime you have a 30+ year car there are going to be things to take care of. But it looks like you made a good choice. The other two cars look fun too, I like the Packard.
Might be a good time to replace/rebuild brake stuff, too. Sitting around not the best for those components either(like caliper pistons.) While you're at it, dont forget bearings and the rear lower control arm. Check the steering rack bushing, and all the water hoses. Carb rebuild, too. Wire the ZF...

Hey, this is starting to look like work! But you'll be glad you did it to keep safe.

All things considered, that ia a very close "concours" catagory car.
Since I got the car back together and running well I had the paintless dent repair person come out to the car and remove 13 small dents from the car. He was not cheap per hour, but he is worth it. 13 dents removed from the hood, passenger front fender, both doors, both rear quarters and the trunk lid for $ 725.00. Doing it the old way and repainting the car would have been much more expensive. Keith

Ron here, I hope you are enjoying ownership, see you in Seattle for the Concours?
Ron, I plan on having it there. I really thank you for letting me know about the car. It was just what I was looking for, except for the fact that it was white and did not run. But it was rust free, low mileage and stock. I guess we can not get everything all at once. Keith
I have added pictures of the new toy car, a 2002 Corvette Z06 in Electron Blue. The car just has 22,000 miles on it and is great to drive. It stays in the garage, nestled right behind the Pantera.
I have added photos of the 2002 Z06 Corvette as it currently looks. Changes include black wheels, rear side marker lights blacked out, rear taillights blacked out and flush mounted, black license plate frame, stainless steel CORVETTE letters on the rear, and brake scoops and calipers painted body color.
We still have the Pantera and drive it at least once a month. It just keeps running with no problems. We still have the 2000 BMW M roadster, three Corvettes and the 1936 Packard. I am in the process of painting and reupholstering the 1936 Packard. We sold the 1931 Cadillac. It is hard enough to keep up with 6 play cars and 2 daily drivers.
I see that this thread started some 6 years ago... But due to the recent reply, it is 'fresh'. You indicated the VIN as 6984.

I manage the De Tomaso registry, ( and I went to look up history for you. It appears another car is identified as 6984.

Feel free to contact me for more information.

Best regards,


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