Are any SoCal members planning on attending The Home Entertainment Show next weekend (June 7th, 8th & 9th) being held in Long Beach?

We will be exhibiting our new loudspeaker system there. It would be great to meet a few Pantera owners. We will be in room 523. I promise not to talk about audio stuff unless asked.


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I'll be in the neighborhood to see Pantera friends from France and visit Beverly Hills Car Club and The Petersen Automotive Museum, and maybe a Pantera vendor or two.  We won't make it to the Home Entertainment Show, but would be open to getting together for dinner with any other Pantera folk who aren't going to the Fun Rally.  IM me if you're around and want to break bread together Saturday night.

Its been 25 years since I last visited the Long Beach Hilton, but the restaurant on the second floor was a very nice (high end) place to eat. Good service, good food, elegant surroundings. Folks might enjoy meeting-up with Mike there.

Saint's & Second in Belmont Shore is another good call, the site of the original Hof's Hut, still owned by the Hoffman family.

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