I was watching reruns of "Peter Gunn" this evening.


One episode had two great quotes.

First Quote:
Religious Leader with Questionable Morals: We are not a cult, we are a cosmic one-ness.

Second Quote:
Mystery Woman: You are obviously a man who has no trouble with women.
Peter Gunn's reply: We all have trouble with women.

You had to be there, sipping your fourth shot of bourbon*.
(*Four Roses - Single Barrel)

God Bless You All


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Did you guys see the movie, "Dirty Grandpa"? You should.

 Peter Gunn? Nah. How about Harry O?

"When I was 17, I'd say, 'let her go. A woman is like a bus. There'll be another along in 15 minutes. Now I know better". In regards to Farah Fawcet's character, the stewardess in three episodes.

I wasn't sure what that entirely meant then, now I am.

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