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I just purchased a Momo Prototipo steering wheel, which is scheduled to arrive today.  Is this a direct bolt-on?  Or do I need to purchase a hub for it?  If so, from where?  Does anyone know or have any experience with this?  Currently mine has the original steering wheel with the plastic padded cover.

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I got a steering wheel puller from a buddy of mine today, and also found a gear puller that I had which looked like it would work; however, I didn’t need either one.
I first pried off the plastic cover of my original steering wheel. It came off easily.

Inside the steering hub is a 22mm bolt that had to be loosened and taken off. This was really torqued down, so I had to brace the steering wheel so it would not turn counterclockwise and then used a breaker bar to loosen the bolt and take it out.

Once the bolt was out, I just wiggled the steering wheel a couple of time and it shook loose and came right out.

Next, with the wheels pointing dead straight, I pushed the new steering hub in place, ensuring the turn signal return is in place. Once the hub was pushed in place, I put the 22mm bolt back on using an impact wrench, then reversed the position of the breaker bar and ensured the bolt was very tight.

Next, I had to separate the two halves of the quick release. It comes pushed together, and I had to secure it in a vice, press the center release button, and use a screw driver to pull the two halves apart.

Once apart, I bolted the bottom piece to the steering hub using the six Allen screws the hub comes with. Torque them down tight. From this bottom piece three small guide bolts come out which you have to align with the second half, or you can’t lock the wheel in place. Took me a while to figure out the three guide bolts are not in a perfect triangle and they have yo be aligned correctly, and there is only one way it works.

Then I screwed the top of the quick connect in place, with the new steering wheel between the two halves of the quick release.

Align the steering wheel with the new hub, press the center button, push the steering wheel in place, and release the quick disconnect button to lock the steering in place.

Voila! Works perfectly and looks awesome.

I made some very amateurish videos which I will post. I apologize for these videos ahead of time, so be kind. Steven Spielberg was unavailable. 😁

Yes, the Isis button in the center is the release for the connection.

At the end of the video I a make a movement to make sure the wheel has settled over those three studs that come out which I pointed out.  I was making sure the wheel is down onto them.  Then when the Isis button comes back out to sit flush with the outer ring of the quick disconnect, it locks in place.

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Perfect ‼️

I now understand completely, excellent video explanation.

I of course can’t be positive, but I do not believe there is another quick release that operates in that same manner. That is why I was so confused.


I haven't seen any. It is just a little bit unique. It is very useful in the Pantera.

This one is machined out of a solid piece of stainless . It isn't assembled out of stamped steel components.

There are many doubters until they try it. Then you will wonder how you ever got along without it.

It definitely should be on top of the A list.

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i couldn't find wheel and hub on web sight, just stock.

does it put the wheel closer to your chest.   if so, sounds like all postives outway if it did

No, it puts the wheel closer to the dash. Maybe 1" or so. Maybe more? I'll give you a measurement if you want it but I have a single pod so it might not translate to the early dash?


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