I agree with Larry, it’s definitely easy to drive your ignition power off a relay on the bulkhead panel.

You tap primary ignition power off the solenoid, and the ignition switch only has to source the power needed to hold in the relay. 

Very simple mod, and all the connections are available very close to each other.

I think with my DuraSpark ignition, that takes about 5 to 7 Amps off the ignition switch. 


cengles posted:

Dear JFB,

           I have one or two "NOS" that I never installed.  I would be happy to sell them to you for the market price.   

                       Warmest regards, Chuck Engles



Thanks, the Kit arrived today.

simple installation instructions;

Moseley wiring instructions

  • Disconnect battery
  • Punch hole, right kick to front trunk
  • Mount relay strip in front trunk, right side
  • Pull “bundle” wires through
  • Rewire fuse panel
    1. Rewire High beam
      1. Remove heavy green wire from fuse 2
      2. Plug above wire to male spade of light green wire #4
      3. Plug heavy green wire #1 to fuse 2 terminal
    2. Rewire Low Beam
      1. Remove heavy gray wire from fuse 5
      2. Plug above wire to male spade of light gray wire #5
      3. Plug heavy gray wire #2 to fuse 5 terminal
    3. Rewire Fan
      1. Remove Heavy pink wires from fuses 11 and 12
      2. Plug above two wires to male spades of light pink wires #6 and #7
      3. Plug heavy pink wire #3 to fuse
  • Connect heavy red wire to amp meter, alternator side


Moseley relay 001 sMoseley relay 003 s


Photos (2)

My reason for asking about the Moseley Relay Kit, I presented a Restoration Shop with my desired items for the reassemble.  One item that I have on that list He was concern with;

“reduce the current through the Ignition Switch with relays”

I was not aware of exactly what the Moseley Kit included, But now that I have one in hand and have reviewed, I now question if it is sufficient as is or should I try to expand upon the concept and remove more current from the Ignition switch.

 The two relay for the light switches does provide complete transfer of power.

While the one relay for the radiator fans transfers their amps from the RUN section of the ignition switch, the other big current users of the AC/Heater fan,  head lamp doors and power windows.

thus, is the Moseley enough, or is more needed?




It's all a game of percentages, right? 

You have shed a bunch of load, and you have shed most of the "constant power draw" loads....  (I guess one could argue the interior fan is the same way, but....   I rarely turn mine on).

The others are "intermittent loads" (windows, headlight motors).

How much is "good enough"?

You could buy Chuck's 2nd Kit, and use it for the Headlight Motors, Windows and Fans, by merely connecting the outputs and inputs properly....



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