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Good Evening,

I sleuthed thru many tach topics before asking so hope this isn't posted in plain sight.

Just got my 8920 Tach adapter today and ready to hook-up but noticed the MSD instructions only show installation with the MSD 6AL.

I prefer not to run the 6AL if I don't have to.

Anyone know if it is possible to connect with my MSD 8350 ready to run distributor without the MSD 6AL?

Are there diagrams anywhere?

Thank You,



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...just curious, does the "Multiple spark" confuse the tach? I have my doubts about whether the multiple spark does anything, and the good news that at higher RPMs (maybe 3krpm) it drops back to a single spark. Its possible that the energy in the spark only 'registers' once, but might connection at the coil inflate especially the idle RPM?

(its been 20+ years since I've read up on this, but the conditions to really get a spark and propagation of flame are really pretty narrow and there are unlikely to be second chances...).

There should be no worry about connecting to the Veglia tach, it doesn't make any sense that the MSD would damage what is a rather simple resistor/capacitor input on that and then just an old fashioned transistor...). The only worry should be about low RPM accuracy (if indeed the coil is sending multiple triggers, it may appear as higher RPM..)


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