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IMG_0770 [Large)IMG_0771 [Large)IMG_0772 [Large)IMG_0773 [Large)IMG_0774 [Large)I pick it up after they finish the dealer prep....


(NOTE:  In the interest of being honest....  It's not REALLY my new car - I just wish it was.  It's at the Jim Click Ford Dealership in Tucson.  Jim is a big campaigner of Ford vehicles...)


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If Dan Gurney can do it, I will have to.  I've been thinking about a Gurney Bubble for the top!Dan_Gurney_GT-40dan-gurney-for-president-girls-goodwood-revival [Medium)fordGT40_LeMans_1966_historic_420_Dan_Gurney [Medium)Bondurant_Hobbs_Ickx_JHH_KenGross-Organizer_and_the_Great_Dan [Small)

In this picture is Bob Bondurant, David Hobbs, Jacky Ickx, John Horsman (JWAE Chief Engineer), the guy who organizes the Pebble Beach event (Ken Gross), and the great Dan Gurney (in the wheelchair).  This was from the Pebble Beach event in 2016.

Class_winner_1966 LM_winning_MKII [Small)


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  • dan-gurney-for-president-girls-goodwood-revival (Medium)
  • fordGT40_LeMans_1966_historic_420_Dan_Gurney (Medium)
  • Bondurant_Hobbs_Ickx_JHH_KenGross-Organizer_and_the_Great_Dan (Small)
  • Class_winner_1966 LM_winning_MKII (Small)
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tomatopanscourer posted:

Sorry,I just read the green Gt’s window sticker,how do you fit in a 40” tall car?

It's not so much about how tall the car is, but how far your butt is from the ground. I'm 6'1" and fit just fine in mine, you kinda wear it! The seat is basically integral with the floor pan and legs are out straight with floor mounted pedals. And remember a Pantera is only 43" tall!



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Before you take delivery, be sure to have the dealer install the optional  tow ball..... because I and most of my friends would have to sell our house and take to living in the car, so being able to haul a porta-potty would be important.

When we visited the Lambo factory in the '90s, the salesman was visibly disappointed when I told him that about his new Diablo SV but still true today.

When you have to fill out an application just to be able to purchase a new Ford GT at the mere sticker price of about $450K, that sort of rules me out of ever buying one. The one I saw at the track belongs to one of the club members and I can at least say that I saw one. Being a corner worker there does have its benefits.

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