Necessity is the mother of invention and these Russian, perhaps Ukrainian, men are amazing examples.

First I stumbled across them unloading a section of well casing onto a lumber ramp, and I had to watch it for the expected failure.

After watching that short video I noticed they had a seven minute video and with my curiosity fully engaged, I clicked on this:

Electric tools.... nope
Crane.... nope
Come-along.... nope

Real men don’t need that as long as they have brawn and brains.

I think you will be impressed, also.



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While breaking every OSHA regulation in the process. Wink

But, yes, I respect their innovation. Its much like the early days in the expansion in the US. You used whatever you had to get the job done. I worked on my grandfathers farm when I was young. Some of the contraptions I saw were amazing but they worked!
Bravo! I have often wondered how the French built towering Gothic Cathedrals beginning in the 12th century without the use of modern cranes and with only crude devices. Here's my answer. Of course, think of the Egyptian pyramids, and be even more amazed.

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