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C045A1DA-DE18-4E86-B950-8B5FF44895F6Looking for suggestions on shipping a large and heavy crate. 
100 pounds — 59”x21”x21”
From Fresno to Perrysburg, Ohio 
Greyhound bus website is not user-friendly.

Looks like UPS is about $275 and fed ex is about $350
I have shipped a lot of tail lights but never anything this big. Looking for your wisdom and advice.





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  • C045A1DA-DE18-4E86-B950-8B5FF44895F6
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Larry, I find YRC Freight to be cheapest, reliable and locally here super friendly. I use them to ship my FA engine for rebuild and recently a motorcycle engine from Tucson. Rate looks to be $107 for your crate dims and weight, drop off at terminal in Fresno delivered to Perrysburg commercial address.

 With recommendations from Julian  and Mark Charlton who have successfully used YRC I explored that option and found them to be easy to use and very affordable. 

Note for others following in my footsteps: you need to use a desktop instead of a smart phone when getting shipping quotes and filling out the necessary paperwork.

Thanks to all who responded.


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