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Welcome new Canadian Pantera Owner

Say hello to Serge. Our Montreal crew just went to say hello and see his new project. It was freezing cold, but the was a warm glow in our hearts as we remembered our early days with our cats.

Serge just got this red ’71 from Tennessee (after losing out on the bidding for the white one that Coz is now building for Michel in Belgium). Serge has already started work on the motor and ordered a bunch of parts to start the restoration. Judging by the two gorgeous Porsches in his garage – both completed in the past couple of years - we’re sure this will be one slick Pantera when its done.

I was talking to Steve Wilkenson a few days ago, trying to get a gasket added to a shipment going to Marc C in Ottawa. He said I was too late, that it was already gone, but he had a shipment leaving that day for a guy in Montreal. How crazy is that? A Pantera owner in Montreal that we never heard of! I got his number and we had a nice chat. So today, on a beautiful but freezing, sunny Sunday, Carmello, Gaetano, Michel, Normand and I had a great ride 20 miles off the island to meet our new friend.

He’s a knowledgeable builder and is planning on a GT4 look. He figures the restoration will take him a couple of years, But now that he’s seen our cats and the fun he’s missing, he might push it up a little.

We’re already taking bets it might be ready before Bohdan’s. Wink


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Welcome Serge, great to see another addition to our Canadian club. Looks like you have a good handle on things and any questions just ask.
You are local to a great bunch of guys who can help you with anything you may question, they're a outstanding bunch. I hope to meet you at one of our events. Derrick
Welcome Serge!

I'm looking forward to meeting and following the progress on your car. My '71 is number 1826. Which is yours? Let me know if you need any help or advice—although you are pretty well looked after with David, Carmen, Robert and the rest of the Montreal guys. Good luck!
Originally posted by lowboy:
where can i find a project car like that?

I think the better question might be why? These days there are a lot of cars on the market at fairly attractive prices that make it hard to justify doing a major restoration unless you have tremendous skill and lots of time. Even if you only need to replace a bunch of rusted metal, all the seals and a few rare trim bits in the process, you can find yourself under water quick. If you need extensive ZF work things get even more interesting.

Keep an eye out on eBay and on this forum and something will show up. There are a lot of great Pantera guys in Montreal and the areas around who will be happy to help you out if you want. Good luck with your search!
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