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Front Plate; OK I just gotta quote the cop who pulled me over: 'You'd think they invested all this money designing a car and not make a front bracket.....Funny how the more expensive the car, the less likely it will have a front lisence bracket'

Some states such as Nevada have modified their Vehicle Code so pre-1975 cars do not need a front license plate, and newer cars originally built without a front bracket need not modify their cars to include one. Check your state's code. If they still require one, that's something worth waking up your legislators for. Our '72 Pantera has NEVER had a front plate mounted- I carry it under the drivers seat along with a copy of the relevant NV Vehicle code.
In Ontario, ALL cars are required by law to have a front plate. Some cops are understanding and will let you off with a warning, especially if it is a collector car and rarely driven. Cops in Derrick's area are not going to let that Shelby run without a plate for too long.

I am fortunate to live in a city that borders a province that doesn't require front plates and since the cops are so used to seeing cars without them they barely notice — unless you're driving a Mangusta. Wink

I drove my RX8 without a front plate for 5 years before my wife got told to get it installed.

I have a different perspective with these engines and now I understand. I am sure I have seen someone have one with a supercharger installed.
Michel, how is the car coming along??
Michael I sent your video to an email address few months ago I am not sure if you got it...


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