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Hey, I'm a "new" Pantera owner, by that I mean I just purchased a '74 Pantera from our local Ford Dealer where it's been sitting for years. The car has never been titled and I have the original MSO and Bill of Lading and every invoice since it was unloaded off the truck on December 31st, 1974. The owners son drove it for a few years in 75 through 78, then parked it, so it has been driven about 23k miles. Will this documentation add to the value?

Anyhow, I am looking forward to fixing her up and enjoying the DeTomaso community. The only thing 'not original' on the car are the tires(2nd set) and the carburator. All advice will be greatly appreciated.

By the way, I tried to activate the warranty when I picked it up, they were not very enthusiastic about that idea.
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By the way, I tried to activate the warranty when I picked it up, they were not very enthusiastic about that idea.

Hahahaha! That's hilarious! There are a few Pantera owners in your neck of the woods - get in touch with them. And welcome to the family.

Mike Dailey:
Michael Shortt:

As for value, that documentation is always nice to have and should be preserved, but it's questionable whether it adds any quantifiable value to the car. Now if your car were a pristine showroom example with no more miles than a few test drives would have put on, then it would be more significant. Sounds like you have a great car that you can begin enjoying immediately!

Check out this list for things you can check/do right away:
Laslo is correct with your car. Ironic coming from him, but yes, it is correct. If you have the warranty card, original MSO, dealer sticker and all other owner's literature -- at some point a car like that is going to possibly worth more. I say possibly because now it is not.

The same thing occurred to Corvette owners in the mid sixties. It could happen to cars like yours as they are only original once. I was just talking to a friend of mine today and he purchased a 1965 Corvette convertible in 1980 for $12,000. It was factory black with a white interior and white top. 327 car with a four speed. Also had the hard top. He had all of the documentation from the window sticker to dealer invoice to warranty information and all other owners information. He sold it for $15,000 four years later and he felt he made a ton of money on it. Hate to know what a car like that is worth today, but I know an original Vette is worth a lot more than $15,000 today. Not to say you could not do some of the desirable modifications that are known to work. And the Vette example is not here for the de tomaso world yet -- but it may at some point.

Welcome to the detomaso world! Great group of people here. You will like it.

Best of luck with your car and most of all, enjoy it!

Yea, I know Michael, he has been after this car for a while, I just happen to catch the owner at the right time. Right now I am just concentrating on getting it running well and keeping it as original as possible. By the way, it is vin #07241 and was delivered to the dealer on December 31, 1974. Would that legally make it a 1975 model? The "in-service date" on the warranty card is 3-31-1975.

Pics will be coming soon!
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