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Hello everyone,
I have been a member of many forums of de Tomaso for more than 10 years, it is my son who posted this message, and I told him not to use my personal account because I saw some unpleasant comments and do not want to be linked to a school battle.
We own more than one de Tomaso, including 8MA-1266,
That being said, everyone does what they want, some prefer documenting autos, some do not care. It takes everything to make a world.
Regarding my own experience, I already made 1200 km to go to the factory because Santiago promised me that he could look in the archives.
When I arrived, he was not there and never answered the phone again ...
This is the reality that I lived, so I would be very happy to deal with Vito if I need something.
Regarding your comments on reports, I myself have a Massini report for a Daytona, but Massini is not Ferrari, you receive a paper written by a passionate journalist, nothing more.
Massini is not Ferrari, it's nobody, besides I got it by buying the car but I would never buy anything from him, he does not take over the factory, he is nobody.

On the other hand, if I can get my hands on an original document from the de Tomaso factory, this is quite different in my eyes, but I respect those who think it's worthless.
Everyone does what he wants but my opinion, when you have a perfectly documented Mangusta, it increases the value above 300 000 euros and it is a very good investment.
My opinion only, my 2 cents
No need to epilogue,
I live in the south of France.

I let my son manage now his account, I manage mine in discretion.

And as you delete the previous post, I was right to think that I do not want to be involve in the school fight

As Voltaire said

« « I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it »,

Are you going to delete my posts because I express my opinion ?
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Your post is still visible, but in a different topic area – Alejandro’s neighborhood pub.

As occurred with Phillipe’s initial posting, moderator George has moved your post to another topic area and did not actually delete it.

As only the most recent posting in a topic is visible on the forum summary page, when postings are moved to another topic area it is often superseded by a more recent post and is then not readily visible until the new topic area is opened to display ALL the postings in that topic.

With 29 topics it is easy to understand why a member, not seeing his thread in its original topic area, will assume it has been deleted; it is rather time-consuming to open 29 topics to search to see if his thread has just been moved or actually deleted.

Perhaps George could in the future move the thread content but leave a simple posting directing readers to it’s new location?



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Originally posted by MangustaLove:

... And as you delete the previous post ...

Dear Nicolas, since you believe the post was deleted, it would seem you were unable to find where the thread had been relocated.

But then ... you replied in the original thread 4 minutes after posting this new topic. Confusing the heck out of Michael I might add.


Originally posted by MangustaLove:

... Regarding your comments on reports, I myself have a Massini report for a Daytona ...

But if you were unable to find where the thread had been relocated, how could you know what the replies said?

Confrontation, confusion, and drama seems to follow Phillippe.
Nicolas, If indeed you do own 8MA1266, then the factory build sheet in only 1 piece in its history. The car was sold incomplete and finished by the German distributor (where Roland worked at the time, and he now owns those archives)
• Owned by Werner Henner from late 1971 to 1996
•1996 sold to Roland Jaeckel,
•1996-1998 : Restored by Roland Jaeckel.
•2000 : sold to Stefan Helm, Germany
•2002 : sold to Stefan Kohler, Germany
•2004-2016 : sold to Laurent Bouloulook

Original color was light blue repainted orange in 1998
2005 Original Motor was replaced by 342 stroker from Rousch Performance (John Christian - who also built the prototype motor for Viper and 302 VooDoo for Mustang)
Nicolas (and son), anybody paying attention would see that there is as much concern about preserving the history of the records (as there is personal interest in any members car). I think everyone is delighted that the records are safe. The MA1266 restoration is a great success story, publishing the details was a gift to the rest of us.
At the same time, it seems that the documents were rescued by a journalist (with deep knowledge of the history of the company) and a family member. Each clearly knew that the company had been sold, both knew that the records were valuable (by extrapolating the quote to me, valued at a total of 1.6 million euros for Mangusta buildsheets and origin documents alone). Not clear that a single euro was paid for these, but very clear that the documents already belonged to someone else then, someone who had made a huge financial investment of their own. So the right thing then (and possibly the legal obligation now, as the key points of bona fide purchase are all missing here, esp. since there was clearly knowledge of a prior claim) is to properly get title for the documents.

Hoping this becomes a win-win for everyone...Nobody needs to be ashamed--Lee

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