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I belong to three clubs..for each of my cars, Austin Healey 3000' 65 mustang fastback and a pantera....every cruise or meet is always a least 200 miles away at best but usually in a different country or even continent...I think I'm going to buy a fiat and start my own club where every member has to live in my street..
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Always LIKED the 1965 Mustang Fastback 2+2 "K" Code, 4 speed with the Pony Interior.

CAN'T be too Many 65 Fastbacks in the UK!!!...If you started a club, you could be President, Vice President, Treasurer, Secretary & the ONLY member.

Always Liked the Austin Healeys , as I own a 1959 BN6 convertible with NO rear jump seat.

REALLY LIKE The Le Mans BN2-M Austin Healeys...their BIG $$$$$s!!!.

Would enjoy seeing some pictures of you Fastback & Healey!...Mark
The original post was cancelled by the administrators for bad language...
But thanks so much for suggesting I make myself president..I have decided to follow you excellent advice so please refer to me as EL PRESIDENTE in any future posts

I can't post any picture of the other cars as I'm too stupid to know how to reduce them to post size....

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