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...Some drivers like Computors to control every aspect of their Engines 'Management'. Me? I just like it when The Cat Jumps forward when I mash the 'Go' Pedal! NO Bottles, NO wirling Turbos or SuperCharger belts. NO sensors, NO heaters or even Chokes! Just 8 Butterflies opening when I need them to. Enough said, lets get to the Photos...


Images (14)
  • Finished_351C_HighRise_Manifold_001
  • Finished_351C_HighRise_Manifold_003
  • Finished_351C_HighRise_Manifold_004
  • Finished_351C_HighRise_Manifold_005
  • Finished_351C_HighRise_Manifold_007
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_002
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_003
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_010
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_012
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_013
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_014
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_015
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_020
  • Finished_Dual_Duad_High_Rise_021
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