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5715 is finally in the paint booth. Can someone shed some light on a couple of things.

1. Is the inner area behind the headlight buckets painted body color or something else?

2. Are the door window frames painted body color or something else?

I'm interested in knowing how the factory painted the car.

Thanks for any help.


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If you are reinstalling the shiny stainless trim pieces that snap onto the window frames then it is important to not finish them with body paint.  The paint will be too thick for them to snap back on.  I learned this from Wilkinson's painter.  Primer and a thin top coat of black is a good way to go.  That way the body color cannot be seen through the joints.

My 74 Pantera has original paint and it is black (along with a little dust) behind the headlight buckets and radiator mount areas.

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