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That is what I have always heard but I have never heard if anyone knows where it is.

I met a guy this past weekend whos father was a Ford Lincoln dealer and they are Pantera fans; he is looking for another one. He said he knows where the first Pantera sold in the United States was first sold but I have not gotten back to him on it yet.

He also said That Detomaso made a couple with a 460 under a special program which few were familiar with and I had not heard that either.

He said he had a lot of literature and documentation but I have not hooked back up with him yet.
Originally posted by lastpushbutton:
Gary, Is 1286 REALLY the first import? Lot of earlier numbered cars here. Sean Korb has 1382, and as far as I know it is the last.

I meant to respond better to this better. I was out flying when I responded first time and was actually from my blackberry.

My understanding is 1286 is the first one sold by Ford in the USA. He told me he knows the point of sale for the first Pantera sold in the USA by Ford (not earlier models imported after such as mine).

I still need to get in contact with him to follow up with this stuff. If I get more info I may pass it on to Sean if he wants to follow up on it. He may be able to track it down from there.
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