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Hello guys!

I'm from Brazil, and I'm trying register at ProvaMo to get information about my car, but I'm not receiving the confirmation e-mail.

I need more information about my car #2433 (1972), and I know there is some information about this car there.

Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance.

PS: I attached an actual photo of the car


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There are a bunch of pictures from 2014/2015 when the car was up for auction. They stated the car was complete but not in running condition. It looks the same as in your picture. Running a Webber induction system. Nice, clean car.

There's also an interesting 1973 letter from Ford concerning installation of aftermarket Cragar "Screamer" wheels. Evidently Bill Stroppe was providing the wheels to dealers for new Panteras and Ford issued a letter stating the only approved wheels were the Campis and Stroppe was to cease providing wheels to the dealers. There was a list of 14 cars the wheels were installed on. Yours was listed as belonging to a doctor who worked at Torrance Memorial Hospital and the dealership was Bricker Lincoln-Mercury.

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