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I haven’t posted any photos recently and with the painting process very close to actually spraying color and clear, I thought I would share some before and after photos.

Color will be an exact match for the previous color, and 2511 should look better than new by the end of this year.

Fingers crossed.




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The work looks excellent Larry. I really look forward to seeing the final results.

I’m just curious though about whether or not you would do it all again (well, not the first part...), or if in hindsight you would have just bought another car and been driving it for the last three years?

Good question, Mark.

I have asked that of myself many times in the last three years. Initially I did look at some for sale cars thinking I would buy one to use until 2511 was repaired.

Probably my main driving concern was I did not want to be responsible for sending 2511 into the Salvaged for parts column.

I have spent far more than the value of the car but 2511 has never been an investment, it has been the fulfillment of a decades long dream.

In hindsight it is a good thing my ex decided to destroy our 30 year marriage shortly prior to the accident. Had she still been in the picture I never could have spent this much money on the repairs. Big Grin


FWIW, another good friend crashed his cherished Pantera and the insurance company wanted to" total" it, but he determined that his car properly repaired would be a far better car than he could buy with the insurance money.  His car was not under-insured (at least not by the market values of the day), but he realized he could not buy a car as nice or complete as his (in terms of upgrades and improvements he's made over the years); He speculated he would have had to use all the insurance money to buy a nice car as a starting point, then spend another $40K or more to do everything he had done to his car - quad cam supercharged modular motor, brakes, suspension, interior, etc. to get it to the same level.  So in that regard, I guess you could say he was under-insured!  Food for thought!

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lf-tp2511 posted:

 Last post was in October and at that point I was hoping for painting to be finished by end of year. 

 Well, reality is it just now got painted but at least progress is being made. Pantera repairs always take longer than one would like or expect.

Good things come to those who wait, and this looks like a very good thing!  Can't wait to see it when it's done Larry!


After roughly 40 months at Denny Finn’s Auto Restoration in Woodburn, Oregon, 2511 was delivered back home last Saturday, June 15.

 I have elected to do the reassembly in my garage over the coming months, at times by myself and at times with fellow owners who have offered to assist.

 I am very pleased with the quality of the paint, gaps and panel alignment. The final installation of the Wilkinson glue-in windshield greatly exceeded my expectations. A dry fit many months ago did not seem to offer up much potential for good results, but Denny  and his chosen glass installer subcontractor spent six hours trial-shimming the windshield before final installation with awesome results. 

As the photos show there is little installed on the car other than suspension, steering and wire harnesses.  There is a lot of work ahead of me but I’ve decided to let the task take its own course with expectations of finishing it sometime this winter or early spring at the latest.

 I will try to post photos regularly throughout the process, and will likely have some assembly questions for those that have been there before me.

Did I mention......... 2511 IS HOME ‼️‼️




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Note newly fabricated ZF mounts; this is the style used for the 9000-series cars  


A7E081F4-AAB9-4253-9424-0806913FDF13A9DDEE8C-6126-43FE-8087-E88A98FB53A8 Been busy and haven’t posted any photos recently so I figured I would share what I’ve been doing. 

 All engine management components will be mounted on a new panel that will be accessible with engine cover removal, as I do not install the quarter window glass. 

 Fan controller, electric power steering control, and headlight and DRL relays are mounted on a new panel using the factory left hand relay door used on the later car.

LineX of Clovis blocked out an entire day for 2511, undoubtedly diminishing their income for the day as they usually do at least seven pick up truck beds at $600 a pop,  and they did an absolutely marvelous job.  

 Lots more is happening and I will try to post more photos in the near future. 



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Your Cat looks Brand-New. It shows the work of a Highly Skilled Professional. You must be very pleased, what a thrill to have Her back Home. The Paint color is Right-On, Beautiful! A Real Pleasure to See It. I especially Like the 'Glue-In' Windshield! Congratulations!

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LineX  just in the engine bay. I have considered doing the front trunk but it has so many panel overlaps, spot welds and dimples that I do not deem it a good candidate for providing a good looking result.

 If I had a totally bare chassis on a rotisserie I would also consider spraying the entire underside of the car to include the wheel wells.  The shop actually had an old Willys Jeep body that they were covering completely, top bottom inside and out. 


Line-X is a very durable protective coating often used to line truck beds. It is a professionally applied product, not available in a Do-It-Yourself kit.

There are DIY products available, but they are not as thick or durable as Line-X. 

I used a POR-15 2-part spray-on bed-liner kit for the engine compartment on my Pantera.

I also used a SEMS 2-part bed-liner kit for my daughter's truck bed.  It looks very similar to what I sprayed in my Pantera engine compartment. 

But, I can tell you the DIY kits are NOT as durable as the professionally applied Line-X.  My daughter's truck bed shows a number of chips in the product. A neighbor had his truck bed sprayed with Line-X and that stuff is bullet-proof!  He's hauled and dumped rock, and dragged and scraped loads in the bed and the Line-X has held up nicely.


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