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They are both 3267. I guessed, based on total production #s that the sequential SS# carried over year to year. Kinda like Cobras.

Sounds like each year started over.

With values going up, I would not be surprised to see a wrecked car get rebuilt. Happens with F-cars all the time, and for 50's-60's F-cars, seems to be accepted and not very detrimental to the value as long as it is taken back to OEM.
Sorry, my mistake.

Welcome to the world of DeTomaso. Welcome

Think VIN and motor number plates are confusing?

Wait until you find a stock, two-pod dash car with stock 'L' bumpers, and maybe or maybe not a side-gill fuel door.

VIN numbering is only a clue as to "proper" OEM equipment.

Keep reading and asking questions. We all started as newbies. Big Grin

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